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Competências na Ibero-América: Análise do PISA 2015 (IN)

  • Ano: 2018
  • Organização: OCDE
  • Parceria: Fundação Santillana

In a knowledge-based global economy, investment in human capital is an essential component of any inclusive growth strategy. When workers lack the necessary skills, new technologies and production processes are adopted more slowly and do not translate into new growth models with higher value-added activities. However, skills affect individual’s lives and well-being far beyond what can be measured by labour-market earnings and economic growth.

This is particularly relevant for Ibero-American countries as they embark on a path of structural reforms to unleash new and sustainable sources of growth. What specific skills challenges are Ibero-American countries facing today? What are the similarities and differences in educational performance and skills amongst the countries? What accounts for differences in performance between Latin American countries compared to Spain and Portugal and how can this gap be closed? What are the main drivers of student performance? How do these skills challenges impact labour market outcomes?

Skills in Ibero-America: Insights from PISA 2015 provides an overview of the main skills challenges facing Ibero-American countries.

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